Piet Vroon

VPRO interview with Piet Vroon, the psychology professor who wrote “the tears of the crocodile” on the lack of integration of our 3 brains. A must read for the many who still cling to the I-me-mine, the “what-about-me” of new (c)age. Only when (if????) humankind reaches this integration can we expect to live in harmony, globally & personally. See also the visionary works of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother from the first half of the 20th century.

Above us only sky

The John & Yoko movie “Above us only sky”, a document of a moment in history where “war could be over if we wanted it”. Did we “give peace a chance”? Or did we prefer to hang on to temporary seemingly unlimited consumerism for us (the West) at the price of unending post-colonial wars of resource extraction ? Or do we prefer hallucinating Artificial Intelligence, or post-modern “creating our own reality” in exchange for individual & social freedom ?

Dark Journalist

A documentary by Daniel List, “Dark Journalist” on the connections between right wing politics of spreading fear & ignorance, nazism, nasa, the military-industrial complex, the Vatican & actual UFO-disclosure, a stinking morass of abuse. For 70 years the public has been kept mis-informed about the reverse engineering of the CIA hidden space program. For at least as many years the ex-USSR science on resonance & non-local paranormal phenomena has been ignored (& not translated!).


Charles Eisenstein

A speech of Charles Eisenstein about changing the paradigm for the new world that is evolving right in front of our eyes, notwithstanding the Covidiot fear-mongering going on in the media & politics.