wwoofers speak about their stay at plukrijp

hello frank and Martine!
Me and marcello arrived in Milan, I was very happy to see my parents and hug them was very 
nice. But I already miss pllukrijp so much and all you people off course. Today I didn't really 
know what to do with myself, I just enjoyed my home stay, and kooked a zoup with my 
mum. But my mind already started bringing me in melancholia, listening to " aint no 
sunshine when she's gone and thinking of you all" so I found a nice permaculture 
community near by here, its smaller than plukrijp, and near home, I think its what is good 
for me write now! Already wrote to them and I will join them the day after tomorrow.  
Everybody off you is here with me in my heart, I remember your eyes and smile,  and its very 
difficult to resist at the temptation off taking a flight back tomorrow morning! But I wont, 
instead i send to you all my never ending love  and my thankfulness for every moment that i 
had with each one of you. 
Frank, Martine  you are for me a Lighthouse and you helped me to discover what is life and 
joy i will be forever gratefully for that.

See you in jenuary, 
big hugs

here’s why industrial agriculture is such a total loss

Rice production Maize production
(United States)
(United States)
Energy input (MJ/ha) 64,885 6,386 170 30.034 170
Productive yield (kg/ha) 5,800 2,700 1,250 5,083 950
Energy input yield (MJ/kg) 11.19 2.37 0.14 5.91 0.18

1 kilo rauwe mais levert 14.84 MJ (volgens de voedingswaardetabel.nl)

harvest on the field NOW, november 2013

salads/corn salad/winter purslane/mustard/swiss chard2colours/green onions/chives/celerywhite&green/pumpkin/carots/potatoes/zucchini(ending)/savoy cabbage/kale2kinds/broccoli/coalflower/cicoria/sugarloaf/radish(ending)/herbs/koriander/bell peppers/tomato(ending)/cucumber/dill/leek/curly endive/black radish/parsnips/….all thanks to the supernice autumn weather. Thanks pacha mama !