Winterpause @ Plukrijp

Plukrijp was founded in October 2007. A great 15-year adventure, rich in many encounters and experiences in various fields. The result is there: a magnificent no-nonsense permaculture garden and an increasingly harmonious and joyful community life.

Since Frank’s death, I have invested myself in better positioning Plukrijp in the local landscape. More and more local people find their way to our gardens and it makes my heart sing.

The wonderful volunteers who accompany me have done their best to keep the gardens abundant and cared for the general upkeep of the greenhouses and buildings. Through them, the transmission of knowledge received from Frank is guaranteed. They are the guardians of a good basic social dynamic. Thanks to their enthusiasm and dedication, Plukrijp continues to inspire.

Together we have already reorganized a lot to set up the-Plukrijp-after-Frank. This great adventure brings us closer and teaches us to live better and better together on a daily basis.

Today, we need to recharge our batteries and rest because the last 5 months have been physically, mentally and emotionally trying. The garden only requires basic maintenance.

From 1/11/2022 till 28/02/2023 we have decided to take a big winter break. We take a step back to take stock, to realign ourselves. We jump into the void trusting the process. We will let ourselves be guided by our desires, by joy. We will spend time with the people we love. We are going to do and not do a lot of things by allowing ourselves to take time for ourselves.

Practically, what does this mean for you?

• Our gardens remain open and await you to come and harvest the abundance they offer
• During our winter break, the newsletter will be limited to the list and some photos of the vegetables that are ready to be harvested
• We cannot offer volunteer work for the moment

I would like to thank the many people who have shown me their support and affection. I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful people!

It is with fresh energy and new inspirations that I will be happy to meet you again in the spring for new adventures to share.

I wish you all the best!

With deep Love


Plukrijp turns 15 this year – Change of plans!

In January, Frank and I announced a sabbatical year in 2022. This allowed us to create the necessary cocoon so that Frank’s departure towards the Light could take place in full consciousness and smoothly.

His death invites me to rethink the organization of Plukrijp and its garden.

The incredible fertility of the garden thwarted our plans to not cultivate the entire area and that fills me with joy. Thanks to the devotion, the loving attention and the quality of presence of Jojo, Joshka and Anthony, the garden offers a superb panoply of vegetables, aromatic herbs and berries in abundance.

During the summer, Plukrijp will welcome some additional volunteers to meet the needs of the garden. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested!

For the moment, I am investing myself so that Plukrijp is more anchored in the local landscape. This seems important and appropriate to me in the context of permaculture. More and more local people find their way to our garden and become familiar with the system of free donations. In my view, this new form of economy is part of our common future.

What I find important on a personal level is to continue to build a network and to maintain it in order to be able to live a life of quality, in simplicity, in generosity and in abundance.

My desire is to keep the essence of Plukrijp alive: a no-nonsense place allowing deep encounters, in honesty and authenticity. A place that inspires with its lifestyle of service and simplicity. Permaculture remains central and is transmitted in the form of a philosophy lived on a daily basis and gardening practices.

More later.

With Love


Discover the joy of harvesting

Plukrijp is a PERMACULTURE GARDEN, WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION, where you are invited to participate and/or to come and harvest  yourself.

Our beautiful 1ha garden was founded in 1972 by Frank Ruymen (1947-2022), a pioneer in organic farming, who has tirelessly taught the principles of permaculture since his retirement in 2007.

50 years of sustainable fertility results in a wide range of “purely natural” fruit and vegetables that can be harvested weekly. The list can be found on our website under the heading “Current Harvest”.

We operate on the principle of FREE DONATIONS. This is the new economy. This means that you decide for yourself what you think is a fair price for what you take with you, with respect for the people who have taken care of it and in accordance with what your wallet allows. Generosity brings abundance…abundance brings generosity. A positive feedback loop!

Eat healthy, fresh and local! Just pop in, you are most welcome for a guided tour.

Plukrijp turns 15 this year – Sabbatical Year

For 15 years, Frank and Martine have welcomed, accompanied and taught all those who wish to live according to the principles of permaculture.

Hundreds of motivated people have enriched this place. We thank those who offered their quality of presence and put their talents at the service of Plukrijp.

It is time for us and for the earth to rest a little. In 2022, we are not going to cultivate the whole area. Some fields will be sown with cereals so that the land can regenerate in depth.

Abundance will remain at the rendezvous: as usual, there will be a beautiful panoply of vegetables, aromatic herbs and small fruits to harvest in exchange for a free donation in our magic hat.

Our enthusiasm to share our knowledge based on our long experience is unchanged. Contact us if you would like a guided tour (

For those who wish to learn no-nonsense permaculture, we still offer training based on daily activities. Theory is learned and understood through practice. The number of volunteers will be limited this year. If you want to join us, send us an e-mail with your motivation and come and spend a few weekends with us first so that we can get to know each other better.

With love

Frank & Martine

Becoming an Adult

This is a message, an invitation, to all people who feels as if they’ve seemed to pass by that stage in life where we integrate what we’ve learned, face the world steadily and humbly, all the while keeping our inner child alive.

Our day and age lacks any form of initiation into this natural phase of life in which we pass into ‘Adulthood.’ It is characterized by responsibility, self respect, and humility. (amongst other things)

This creates a global culture of Man-boys and Woman-girls that never ‘grew into their boots’ and stay in a state of ignorance, decadence, and arrogance.

To approach this transition, we begin with humility. We see where we are at, we see who are for what we are, and we see what we can be if we just listen to what our ancestors, our community, and that deep feeling inside share with us.

This text, ‘Becoming an Adult,’ is a Plukrijp collaborative text approaching this transition with inspiration from beautiful minds, and beautiful hearts. We wish that you too, can see the beauty that hides within. It is there, though it may be veiled. In taking each veil off one by one, we get closer to the essence, and of becoming an adult.

We’ll see you there?


Written by Bernhard Gunther

Are you showing one side of yourself publicly trying to play it “safe” and shying away from expressing your authentic self and speaking Truth in this day and age?

You’re not alone.

Fear is the real virus and in-authenticity is a betrayal to your soul. This inner division can also literally manifest in dis-ease in the long run as it will affect your physical and psychological health as well. It’s an inner split and fragmentation. No amount of vitamins, exercise, and a healthy diet will keep you healthy and sane as long as you live this “double life.”

But even more so, staying silent is being complicit in the biggest crime in human history at this point.

By playing it “safe” you will gain nothing and lose more in the long run, not just FOR yourself and YOURSELF in it but for your family, friends [even if they completely disagree with you], and humanity at large. It’s a betrayal on a soul level and only re-enforces the Matrix frequency of totalitarian take-over. In other words, your inauthenticity and silence advance their agenda.

I put “safe” in quotation marks because ultimately there is no safety in life, only your conditioned and wounded ego-personality trying to avoid the inevitable, be it in this lifetime or next. You cannot escape the process of individuation and the more you resist it with excuses and rationalization, being concerned about what others think of you, the more you will suffer, physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

So, better to engage in the process fully committed and whole-heartedly. As David Bowie once said, “don’t play for the gallery”. In other words, do not concern yourself with how others see you, just listen to your inner voice, your essence, your conscience.

But it is hidden behind layers of thoughts of fear, doubt, uncertainty, programming, shame, insecurity, etc. Most people mistake their conditioned ego-personality for their true self or they mistake being authentic with shadow projections of their neurotic ego, i.e. “cult of personality”.

I know it’s not easy. Deep trauma and childhood wounds may surface as well in the process of uncovering the true Self, all kinds of past traumas even going back lifetimes, where we were not only shunned, attacked, gaslit, but also stoned, killed, and burnt at the stake for speaking Truth and being authentic.

It’s in your cell and soul memory. I know it’s been in mine and there is still residue after all the work I’ve already done. It’s been terrifying to “go there”, like re-experiencing death, but it needs to be faced, healed, and overcome so we do not repeat the same patterns or even worse, hurt others because of our own unacknowledged and unresolved trauma or go along with an anti-divine, anti-human agenda as millions do right now because of this Trauma installment program of FEAR.

Disillusionment is part of the awakening and individuation process and it’s not comfortable but the only way out is in and through while acting with courage despite any fear.

Once you have crossed the threshold to show up authentically, undivided within, and are fully committed 100% to the Truth of your Being, engaged in the Great Work, only then will you find and experience what you have been really looking for lifetimes and were desperately looking to find externally, like an illusory fata morgana, trying to quench your insatiable thirst.

It’s also a matter of tuning into your conscience and let conscience be your guide which also aligns you with Divine Will. Be an example for others as we inspire each other to show up, speak up and engage in the work within and without.

Authenticity and not living a double life is even more important now for therapists, coaches, healers, or anyone in the position to help others during this Time of Transition. You came here for this very reason! Remember Yourself!

I know professional therapists and coaches who have expressed their fear of being more authentic and sharing their views because they are afraid of losing clients and getting attacked or canceled by the Woke and/or K0vit cult. They also mentioned that they are living a “double life” and it’s wearing them down.