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our friend martin is asking for crowdfunding, do please consider !

Hello Frank et al,

we just started a crowdfunding campaign to raise some money to be able to do “psycare” at Czech music festivals where people often consume psychedelics and other substances, to create safe haven for those who have difficult experience / badtrip, so they can integrate it in a somewhat safer setting, and grow from it, and not fall into the medical/psychiatric machinery, anti-psychotics medication etc., as may happen if no facility exists. We already had 16 volunteers at the biggest Czech psychedelic trance festival last weekend working in 5 6-hour shifts 24/7 in a rented yurt, where we did intervention to 24 confused people and served no-nonsense information to dozens others. In order to have own own yurt and other equipment we raise money this month to be able to scale it up to much more events = purchase own yurt, train more volunteers etc.

Usually such projects are present on the large international festivals but nothing existed yet on the smaller events so we want to fill this gap in the Czech republic. We consider it a much cheaper alternative to the psychiatric care that may happen if the issue is not resolved at the time it develops… No medication such as benzos or anti-psychotic drugs (except happy water, magnesium etc) is supplied there and the sitting is done in the transpersonal/homeopatic paradigm, to go through the process and get significant insights, and not block it by some another mind-numbing substance.