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widespread youth addiction

manufacturing consent

how far astray will “social” networks lead us ?

tribal identity creation, our most important task


science not silence please

Poetry as Protest and Sanctuary: Jane Hirshfield’s Magnificent Poem Against the Silencing of Science and the Assault on Nature

balance, an exercise we do non-stop

communication ?

george carlin on The Environment= watch

come&learn from our canadian colleague !

http://miracle.farm/en/   “MIRACLE FARM”  Conférence pour vous initier Le jeudi 17 novembre 2016 à 20h Louvain-la-Neuve Auditoire Socrate, place Cardinal Mercier 10-12 Inscription www.terreetconscience.org.

adam curtis short intro into your life

http://www.vice.com/be/read/bekijk-hier-de-korte-film-die-adam-curtis-voor-vice-maakte-over-jouw-leven-275 http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/jon-ronson-interviews-adam-curtis-393