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adam curtis short intro into your life

http://www.vice.com/be/read/bekijk-hier-de-korte-film-die-adam-curtis-voor-vice-maakte-over-jouw-leven-275 http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/jon-ronson-interviews-adam-curtis-393

perception, the base of life


to care for all living things Tim Macartney

we need dreamers, Tim Macartney

kijken ! watch !

what a way to go or the end of empire

gardening as a step towards recovering our autonomy

Ilha das flores

12 minutes of gratitude with a 111 year old optimist

watch&share please

frank’s new year’s resolution

frank/plukrijp aspires to become an intelligent predator at the top of the food chain he/it hopes permaculture would spread real human intelligence in 2016&beyond watch&find out for yourself how intelligent you are