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where do we come from-where are we now ?

one from neale donald walsche

happiness and joy comes to you when it moves through you. There is no other pathway–and that’s the miracle.  

blueprint for the next 25 years-get moving guys !

tribal identity creation, our most important task


our friend martin is asking for crowdfunding, do please consider !

Hello Frank et al, we just started a crowdfunding campaign to raise some money to be able to do “psycare” at Czech music festivals where people often consume psychedelics and other substances, to create safe haven for those who have difficult experience / badtrip, so they can integrate it in a somewhat safer setting, and […]

alain de botton on love

politics anyone ?

george carlin on The Environment= watch

Thijs’ wisdom

Thijs came up with this piece of wisdom: Feeling can be triggered by anybody or -thing and take over control. Once you’ve noticed your feelings going out of control, everything is lost. You don’t know where you are at, and people literally say ‘you’ve lost your mind.’ Before you had everything ordered, your mind and […]

lydia’s rant

To Hell with small talk. We are each a burning rage of wildfire and we ignore it for chit-chat over the weather, far-off politics, and diet fads. And the niceties really make me sick…the well-practiced monologue detailing who I am based on country, hobbies, and age…the exchange of “oh, I love your-” with women and […]