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Freedom is our Natural State. “Spiritual teaching should not be directing us to rise above and drop off the physical and emotional bodies, and try to return to essence in the godhead without them. This has been a massive spiritual misunderstanding on Earth. The reality is that this approach will not work because what is […]

our friend martin is asking for crowdfunding, do please consider !

Hello Frank et al, we just started a crowdfunding campaign to raise some money to be able to do “psycare” at Czech music festivals where people often consume psychedelics and other substances, to create safe haven for those who have difficult experience / badtrip, so they can integrate it in a somewhat safer setting, and […]

alain de botton on love



consciousness, where is it located ?

who am i ?

The Ship of Theseus: A Brilliant Ancient Thought Experiment Exploring What Makes You You

teal speaks about mind

balance, an exercise we do non-stop

michael pollan on real food

gluten intolerance anyone ?

How to Become Gluten Intolerant: JP Sears