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(English) Harvest 10.10.2018

(English) We harvested a wide selection of vegetables to help a sustainable food project in Antwerp. To find out more you can look at the presentation.



permaculture course 2018-9

day 1 ethic principle no 1 question to the participants: -do we experience HARMONY&COLLABORATION in nature ? -are we, as humans, PART of it or OUTSIDE/ABOVE ?

a message from an older farmer


Desire leads to dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction leads to more desire and this continuous loop leads to suffering. The solution is to truly let go of desire. Instead, learn how to be grateful for what you have and trust that this is the way to inner peace (Miyamoto Musashi)

« social » media ?

“Ik denk dat we het middel gecreëerd hebben dat toelaat het sociale weefsel van hoe een samenleving werkt te vernietigen”

Thijs’ wisdom

Thijs came up with this piece of wisdom: Feeling can be triggered by anybody or -thing and take over control. Once you’ve noticed your feelings going out of control, everything is lost. You don’t know where you are at, and people literally say ‘you’ve lost your mind.’ Before you had everything ordered, your mind and […]


Ubuntu founder Michael Tellinger talks about the origins of money

Nouveau Monde…