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cuba, model for permacultural paradigm change ?

george carlin on The Environment= watch

Thijs’ wisdom

Thijs came up with this piece of wisdom: Feeling can be triggered by anybody or -thing and take over control. Once you’ve noticed your feelings going out of control, everything is lost. You don’t know where you are at, and people literally say ‘you’ve lost your mind.’ Before you had everything ordered, your mind and […]

spiritual wisdom

It’s always better to give too much, pay too much, and love too much, than not enough. But then,  since everything comes back to you anyway, can there ever be too much? I love you too much anyway, The Universe

come&learn from our canadian colleague !

http://miracle.farm/en/   “MIRACLE FARM”  Conférence pour vous initier Le jeudi 17 novembre 2016 à 20h Louvain-la-Neuve Auditoire Socrate, place Cardinal Mercier 10-12 Inscription www.terreetconscience.org.

you are NOT in control of your own life because of NLP hidden everywhere

adam curtis short intro into your life

http://www.vice.com/be/read/bekijk-hier-de-korte-film-die-adam-curtis-voor-vice-maakte-over-jouw-leven-275 http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/jon-ronson-interviews-adam-curtis-393

perception, the base of life


to care for all living things Tim Macartney

we need dreamers, Tim Macartney